Posted on: April 9, 2008 12:58 pm

ESPN is a four letter word

     I thank Al Gore everyday for inventing the internet, because if it wasn't for him I would be relegated to watching E**N.  Sorry, I can't curse on this blog.  I understand that it is no longer sports, but sports entertainment (sorry WWE), but it pains me to see good sports writers like Jay Mariotti and Bil Plascke look like clowns.  I admit it, when "Around the Horn" first started with Max Kellerman I thought Woody Paige was fun to listen to. Now, unfortunately every talking head at Stamford has a shtick.  Skip Bayless is a screaming idiot, Tony Kornheiser is so over the top it is hard to take him seriously as a host of MNF, and even John Clayton is made out to be a nerd that the former pro's make fun of.  How is this good journalism?  The answer is it is not.  Making sports fun and entertaining has always been E**N's M.O., but now it has taken on a new life unto itself.  I used to enjoy Keith Olberman and Dan Patrick on 10pm sportscenter, and I loved watching reruns of Craig Kilborn read a highlight.  But the difference between who I just spoke of and those that "entertain" now is that in in the 90's, they didn't take themselves seriously like they do now.  These guys now honestly think they are where its at for sports, Mariotti is a pompous arrogant diva on TV, I can only imagine what he is like when the camera's are off.  Skip Bayless is without question, the most annoying talking head in the history of E**N.  I feel bad for Kornheiser, he had a great radio program and is a tremendous journalist in DC, but his behavior on PTI is inexcusable.  At one point I used to loathe Stuart Scott and his inability to relate to the African-American viewers even though he tried so hard to sound like one.  Instead of trying to reach viewers with garbage, try reaching them with what people came to see, sports.  I enjoy watching guys like Fred Hicks who do not try have a catch phrase after every slam dunk or home run.  Report the REAL entertainment, report the sports.  Maybe then, will you gain back some of the respectability you lost when you stopped caring about what you claim to cover.
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